Maria goes to a wedding!

Sally and Joe

Sally and Joe

Not many smacks have been to a wedding. Fewer still have been part of the reception.

But when crew members Sally Gentry and Joe Harman tied the knot on August 23, Maria was an important part of the proceedings.

Following the wedding at All Saints’ in Brightlingsea, the couple and well over 100 guests headed for the reception at the Harman family boatyard in St Osyth, where the working yard had been covered over with winners’ pennants (the family barge Edme has won plenty).

On the slip to greet them, with topsides freshly polished and a bright new coat of anti-foul, was Maria – complete with winners’ pennants fluttering in the breeze – and a string of fairy lights for later in the evening.

A great time was had by all and we were pleased to welcome the newly-weds back on board a week later for Mersea regatta after they’d spent their honeymoon sailing on Sally’s boat – what else?

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